High risk merchant account card processing & Forex broker solutions

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Forex Broker / management Solutions

We represent a leading FCA regulated Forex broker in the UK, and can assist our global clients with the following offerings:

# MAM - Multi Asset Manager.

# AM License - Asset management License under our company's name in Bahamas.

# Plug and Play - 100% Technology Up-time.

# Funding - Managers who have a client base, and good levels of trading can have funds of clients allocated to them given they have passed the risk assessment.

# Customer service - We understand there isn't much differentiation from broker to broker, but we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate, our resources and high level of customer service.

# Customizable liquidity pool - Due to our Bahamas setup we are able to customize many things including liquidity for clients with large enough volume requirements. This means we can service all types of trading strategies, including hedging and HFT.

# Flexibility - Regulations in several jurisdictions around the world allows us to operate on higher levels of business smoothly and access areas most brokers cannot.

# We can also assist with our AI trading robots averaging a monthly gain of 10% - 45%+ with an average 25% drawdown.

*Our services can benefit Professional Forex traders, Forex fund managers and Unregulated Forex Brokers. For further discussion email at info@planbpay.org or Skype - bhagesh.nair