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High Risk Merchant Accounts

Plan B Payments specializes in setting up high risk credit card merchant accounts and difficult to acquire offshore merchant services, which requires an in depth understanding of the payment processing industry as well as the underwriting and risk management processes. High risk credit card processing and merchant services is a complicated and confusing space to do business in. Unfortunately there is no bank that will accept all merchant types. Some banks work with certain high risk merchants, while others work with different high risk business types. Pricing really varies depending on the type of high risk business you are.

There are thousands of credit card processing companies in the market, most of them have a list of "Prohibited Merchant Types", or businesses they will not work with. Many of these are viable, legitimate business types. And there are a growing number of business types that are now being classified as high risk merchants.

The process of getting a high risk merchant account can be frustrating, but with our international expertise, you can be processing payments from all over the globe, accepting virtually any customer and currency, and increasing your revenues significantly.

If your business is legal, we will help you accept all forms of payments easily. Even new businesses and TMF merchants are given every consideration. 

Merchants processing payments with other Service Providers, Please compare our rates and services with your current Merchant Processor to see how much money we can save you. We will work hard to make sure your business is getting the best possible rate, and most importantly that your business will continue to accept credit cards and many other forms of online Payments.

To get started email us today to - info@planbpay.org